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How to manage your internal states

The fact is the body develops habits. It is used to experiencing certain feelings. It is used to vibrating at the frequency of negative emotions, be it irritation, anxiety, chronic stress, apathy or melancholy. We underestimate the power of the mind – as an instrument and extension of our soul;

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Tools for transformation, or How to create new life experiences

Let’s get one thing straight: knowing the tools for transformation and actually using them are very different things. Many people are unable to bridge this gap. They “know everything and have read everything”, but in reality they can’t even get the ball rolling, never mind make major changes in their

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Mental clutter from the past

Sorting out your apartment and getting rid of everything you don’t need is a prerequisite for general order in your life. Now it’s time to reach for the shovel and head to the runway; it needs to be cleared of mountains of – primarily mental – debris. And it needs

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Three key questions for people intent on change

When I say “people intent on change”, I mean people who are genuinely willing to take matters into their own hands. People who are willing to make conscious changes in their lives and take control of the changing process, rather than becoming overwhelmed, then surprised when they find that they

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