Everything is fine, but nothing is good

There is a terrible affliction that eats away at our lives, slow but deadly, like rust: inactivity. We try to spice up the utter tedium of our inactive lives with cheap entertainments and idle pastimes, like extra sauce on bland, chemical-based food, in an attempt to mask its foul taste.

Ketchup can make any food seem edible.

The same goes for life. People think it is essential to go to the cinema, shops and restaurants every week, and go abroad on holiday once a year, in order to feel like the masters of their own lives. And if they are lucky enough to get two holidays a year, then that is more than enough to hide the bitter taste of an existence that is withering away. An existence based on inactivity, parasitic on its own dreams and plans.

Alternatively, you could get regular hits of adrenalin, wavelets of extreme excitement so strong that you practically don’t taste the bitterness and can ignore the fact that your abilities are going to waste, and feel superior to people who don’t have the chance to experience the same escapism.

Some use quotes from great thinkers as a sort of primitive aspirin, as if by reproducing them on their social media they are partaking in wisdom. But in reality, this only communicates with other reproducers of wisdom…

Everything is fine, but nothing is good – this is the innermost condition of everybody who is a consumer of life. They devour it by dressing it up with whatever entertainment is available, yet somehow nothing comes from it. Some people think that the way out is through more of the same (“More ketchup, waiter!”), they earn more and spend more, but get no release; all their diversions still amount to nothing.

 It is impossible to prosper if all you are doing is consuming life.

Prosperity, happiness, a wealth of emotions without crutches (including adrenalin-based ones) and, most importantly, savouring the taste of life, can only be achieved through creativity.

The purpose of the human race is to create, wherein everybody finds their own unique talents and gifts.  Everyone has something to offer the world. Absolutely everyone. It is, if you like, our very essence.

If you are consciously creating, you can absolutely enjoy consumption as well, and savour the sumptuous flavours of a rich and vibrant life.

We were born to create; we are the children of the ultimate Creator.

Not exercising our true nature, we begin to rust and transform into miserable, dependent beings that cannot go one day without artificial injections of joy, instead of creating our own joy.

What will become of a bird with clipped wings? What will become of a fish without water? Take the lions and tigers in the zoo. They are captive. They cannot be what in essence they really are. They can’t devour their spectators, though that would be completely in keeping with their natural instincts, while the spectators eat a cow every evening, calling it beef.

Go to the zoo and you will see that the animals’ eyes are utterly lifeless because they have been deprived of their natural activities. Look in the mirror, and you will see the same thing – if you are yet to escape your mental cage and engage in conscious Action.

Do you really think that this caged lion will get the glint back in its eye if it gets more or better food? So why do you think that if you travel to every country in the world, or buy that car you’ve been dreaming of, or snowboard every day, you will get that glint in your eye? A lion would be only too happy to tear you to pieces and devour your flesh if you encountered it in the savannah, and yet it fills you with joy to see it in the wild (from a safe distance) on an African safari, if your trips and entertainments are a part of the Plan of Action, and not mere frivolous filler for the desperate emptiness inside.

The point of this story is not whether it is right or wrong to enjoy consuming a nice chocolate cake. All I am saying is that if someone ONLY ate chocolate cake, they would start to feel sick pretty soon and their vitality would diminish. If you are ONLY a consumer of life, the result will be the same.

Right now. It is already the same.

Free yourself from your cage and begin to create, in whatever way you like. Create with love and responsibility, investing all your strength into the process. Then consumption will also take on a new flavour.

Don’t be afraid to use up all your stores of strength – it is the only way to replenish them.

This doesn’t work in thought alone, but in practice. A person who gets down to business begins to invest their energy productively and, in so doing, shifts their life path closer towards authenticity than a person who spends their whole life searching, afraid that the path they are on “still isn’t mine”.

Ever yours,


P.S. Smiles!

Photo By: Avita Flit special for re-self.me

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