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It is widely recognised that everything depends on energy. Our vitality and ability to act and think clearly is all made possible by our level of free energy. So how can we influence this level?

Experts will typically give the same answer: water, breathing, nutrition and regular physical exercise.

If we do the right things (drink plenty of fluids, eat well, breathe deeply and stay active), then our bodies will spring into action, inspiring a powerful surge of inner strength and the desire to move mountains.

However, I feel it is my responsibility to declare that these practices are not enough. They are an important part of life in order to feel better and launch the changing process. They constitute a step towards a healthier life, but the key to the source of inner strength and drive is found elsewhere.

People contain immense hidden reserves of inner power, but many of us never get anywhere near them.

For a long time now I have been learning about various approaches and practices to raise energy levels. I am not saying that I have tried them all personally, but I have some experience and, as always, active observations. Whether a person has been engaged in their practices for one year or twenty, whether or not they are educated, whether they have achieved something in the conventional sense or that it all still to come – none of this really interests me. What I find truly attractive is that shine in someone’s eyes, that inner drive, that spark, here and now. Some people just glow. You’re drawn to them. And it is possible to be fairly healthy and good-looking, but nevertheless turn out to be completely wooden on the inside, with eyes that reveal no energy, strength or zeal.

With curiosity and pleasure, I have actively observed various practitioners (yoga, energetic practices, raw foodism, vegetarianism, meditation, lotus-eating on islands) as well as creative people (in business, projects, art, teaching), and myself in difference periods of my life, and I want to shout my conclusion at the top of my lungs to make sure it’s really heard:


One day this simple, though not entirely obvious, conclusion hit me like a ton of bricks.

If you’re not expending energy, you don’t gain energy. 

I believe this may function as one of the body’s self-defence techniques. Because what will you apply your supply of strength to? Martyrdom, powered by your own insecurities? To find your strength (or to enhance your energy levels) you need applied output.

The greater your ambitions for yourself and your contribution to the world, the more energy you will find.

Have you noticed that there are people who are nowhere near being able to enhance their energy levels, and yet have at no point lost their enthusiasm for life and growth? It isn’t so much about our practices (which are very beneficial, but, as I said, not enough), but about regularly using the energy we acquire.

Let’s be honest: what is the point of all your strength, vitality, energy, drive, enthusiasm?

Here is a good analogy from the Indian sages:

A person stands before life as before a boundless ocean, with only a teaspoon in their hand.

Energy aside, our desires are ridiculous.  However many we achieve, however many we let go.

Once again.

What is the point of your strength? Where will you apply it? How will you spend it?

Our goals define our strengths, whether we like it or not.

If your goal is to feel happier and more energetic and you begin some sort of special practices with this in mind, but still don’t know what you’re really doing it for, then you will find exactly the right amount of strength to perform these practices. Which is fine. But the words “power” and “drive” are another story. I am writing this specifically for the people who can sense that fine line.

If you are trying to enhance your energy for the sake of enhancing energy, it will stay at a fixed level, sufficient for the maintenance of your current life’s activities (including these exercises). Breakthroughs in strength, enthusiasm and lust for life appear in the moments when you find a new goal and begin to move towards it.

Strength arises as needed.

In other words, when you make a sober decision to move mountains, you suddenly discover that you are capable of doing it. Don’t work to develop your strength, power and drive first, and then think about what to do with these resources afterwards. Do it the other way round: decide to change, decide on a new direction and new goal, and with every step taken on a chosen path, you will begin to feel yourself ascending.

But I am not referring to superficial dreams – which in the internet age have spread in our consciousness like a virus: we read an article, get fired up and then forget within a matter of minutes – but about serious intentions, plans of action and conscious progress, which includes the patience to walk this path to the end. Here too, energetic practices are helpful as a wonderful tool to recharge your batteries, but the original source of your energy lies somewhere else entirely…

Let’s be straight: when “everything is fine, but nothing is good”, initiating this process is extremely difficult. It’s a lot easier to escape from hell when you’ve only just arrived, absurd though it may sound. A very serious intention is essential in order to realise your potential in full force. Fearlessness in setting new goals. The audacity to dream on a grand scale. Most importantly, you must stop economising your strength and allow yourself to surrender to the process of change. Only then will you have a genuine chance of discovering the answer to the question: “Who am I?”

Every person is a being of boundless possibilities and vast strength, in possession of all the necessary tools for self-healing and self-fulfilment, the ability to change any circumstances and masterfully create their experiences, enjoy life and share their pleasure with everybody around them.

Ever yours,


P.S. Smiles!

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